Custon-Cut To Your Specifications

At PGC, your stone or "quartz" countertop surface is always custom-cut to your specifications for cabinets. After we receive the necessary paperwork, your color selection(s), and the final measurements have been made by our measuring technician, we will give you an installation date. The job is then scheduled, and the fabrication process begins.

Baca RoboSawJet

The Baca RoboSawJet is new to Paramount Granite Company Spring 2015. The “Robo” is a fully automatic machine that includes a water jet function with the 20HP direct-drive saw. The machine was chosen due to its small footprint, and ability to save up to 20% in material cost due to the fact that pieces can be nested. Pieces are allowed to be nested because over cutting with a round saw blade is no longer required, due to the waterjet finishing the cuts. The Robo comes with Vein Match software to allow us to visualize the seam (and more) before fabrication. This combined with our LT55 laser measuring device, helps PGC leap into the digital world – no more pencil, paper, and template plastic!

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Bridge Saw

Our bridge saw is used from time to time, for various cuts.

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The Fastback® edge polishing machine from Park Industries is a fully automatic linear polishing machine – conveyor type system. Almost every straight edge produced at Paramount Granite Company goes in one end of the Fastback, and out the other. It is extremely efficient, and its quality cannot be replicated by human hand polishing. The actual “rounds” (Eased Edges) are still done by hand at Paramount Granite Company. Until there is equipment that can produce a “Round” to our quality standards, we will continue to operate under the philosophy of “A balance between Man and Technology,” to lead the industry in quality.

MN Granite Fabrication

CNC Mill Runs Cut-Outs To Curves

If your project includes an undermount sink, or has any curve work, such as a bump-out sink, or a curved island, it will be run on our CNC Mill. Pieces for your project are first loaded on the mill. The operator then programs the machine, which includes entering the sink make and model coordinates, etc. The CNC mill then automatically grabs the tooling needed to run the program and in-turn, cuts and polishes the opening for your sink, or the curved piece.

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