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  • Recipe: Salted Pretzel Bark
    Here's a tasty treat to try. I made it for the holidays and it works great for a party. It is super easy to make ans satisfies the sweet and salty tastes. Give it a try if you'd like.
  • Recipe: Chocolate Pecan Pie (Paleo) 
    In this blog, I wanted to share a recipe for a Paleo Chocolate Pecan Pie I tried for Thanksgiving that I found on Pinterest. I changed it up a bit and it turned out to be delicious. It is easy to make and has some healthier ingredients than some standard recipes. Give it a try if you would like.
  • Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Muffins
    Here’s a seasonal recipe I posted 2 years ago, that I thought I post again, as it’s that time of  season.  I just made it, but this time used rice flour instead of regular flour. I also used almond milk instead of evaporated milk. You could also use another sweetener such as honey, instead of sugar. Give it a try if you like.  It is such a delicious treat for fall.
  • Recipe:Home made Chicken Wild Rice Soup
    Isn’t it funny how we start to crave certain things, as the seasons change? We must intuitively know that our bodies need more warming foods, as the temperatures start to change and get cooler. I was having a craving for some chicken wild rice soup the other week, so I decided to buy a whole chicken and stuff it. I made a sort of a pre-Thanksgiving dinner for my family, which was quite tasty. I then saved the chicken carcass for my soup, which I made a  few days later. Anyway—in this blog post, I wanted to share my recipe with you, in case you were having the same craving.
  • Recipe: Homemade Salsa
    In this blog, I wanted to share a recipe for some homemade salsa I made over the weekend. It is a good way to use some of the home grown vegetables you may have this fall. It is easy to make and quite tasty. Give it a try if you like.
  • Recipe: Chocolate Cream Caramel Bars
    Here’s a good recipe that I came across on Pinterest. It combines the taste of  chocolate and caramel together deliciously. It is a vegan recipe that is easy to make, requires no baking and is quite tasty. Give it a try if you like.
  • Recipe: Warm Quinoa, Spinach, Tomato & Feta
    In this blog, I wanted to share a recipe I recently made. I had some left over cooked quinoa in the refrigerator, as well as a number of vegetables. I decided to throw them together and came up with a tasty, warm salad. Give it a try if you’d like. It is easy to make, good for you and delicious.
  • Recipe: Grilled Shrimp & Vegetable Medley
    In this blog, I wanted to share a good recipe we made over the weekend, which is a good one to try for summer. It is easy to make, has some healthy ingredients that are good for you, and is delicious. Give it a try for one of those summer barbeques.

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