Stone Sculptures…

When people think of granite and marble these days, they may think of countertops, memorials, or buildings. Stone sculptures, however, have been popular throughout the ages. Ancient Greeks were fascinated with marble and created both exquisite buildings and sculptures that included intricate carvings. Romans loved to work with granite and marble and used the stone to construct beautiful buildings and sculptures. While sculptures have been popular throughout history, today’s technology has definitely advanced the one time lengthy processes.

In this blog, I wanted to share a few photos of some stone sculptures I’ve seen on various trips and vacations. Let’s take a look…

Art Museum in Mauii, HI

Art Museum in Mauii, HI

Art Museum in Mauii, HI

Head of Christ (originally from Cathedral in Charles France) located in Catholic Church in Sedona, AZ

Mount Rushmore (Black Hills, South Dakota)

If you are interested in learning about other sculptures world-wide, check out the Most Famous List of Statues Worldwide.

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