5 Soapstone Countertop Ideas…

While granite is still the number one choice for countertops, soapstone is another natural stone that is fairly popular among consumers. Soapstone is a softer material than granite that actually feels a little soapy to the touch. That is because it is rich in the mineral talc, which contains magnesium. Soapstone offers a smooth surface and has a rustic look that some people are attracted to.

Soapstone has been around for centuries and was actually used for carving sculptures and vases, as well as used for fireplaces, etc.  Over the years, soapstone has become a popular trend for kitchen countertops and sink applications. It’s dark gray, weathered appearance works well for a variety of decorating options.

Unlike granite, soapstone is sealed using a mineral oil, which is typically left on the stone for a period of time to oxidize. Reapplications of mineral oil are recommended every few weeks for the first year to enhance this process.Once sealed, the the stone takes on a darker look, making it appear almost black. Veins of white can also be seen in this stone, giving it a unique, appealing appearance.

Let’s take a look at a few photos of soapstone…


Soapstone Kitchen 

Contemporary Kitchen
Shabby-chic Style Kitchen by Seattle Design-Build Firms J.A.S. Design-Build
Rustic Kitchen by Ann Arbor Architects & Building Designers Damian Farrell Design Group
Traditional Kitchen by Escondido Tile, Stone & Countertops Soapstone Werks
If you are interested in soapstone for your countertop project, make sure you stop by our showroom. We’d be happy to help you out.
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Spotlight On Soapstone…

When in comes to natural stones, soapstone is one that has been fairly popular over the years. Soapstone has actually been used for centuries for tools, sculptures, vases, fireplaces, etc,. as it  works nice for carving. In more recent years, soapstone has become popular for kitchen countertops, as well as sinks. Soapstone is a relatively soft material that feels soapy to the touch. That’s because it is composed primarily of the mineral talc, which is rich in magnesium. Soapstone is also an inert  material that is not affected by acids and alkalies, like some other natural stones, such as  marble and granite.

Soapstone comes in several varieties including Original, which is typically dark green in color, and Ice Flower, which is typically dark gray in color. Both varieties will look lighter in appearance before they are installed. Mineral oil is applied as a sealer, by the installers after the countertops are set and glued in place. The coating of mineral oil is left on the countertops to oxidize, which may take several days. Homeowners are typically instructed on how to apply more mineral oil, as sealing is recommended every few weeks for the first year to enhance the whole oxidation process.

Let’s take a look at a few photos of soapstone…

soapstone 013_wlogo


This photo shows some countertops right after they were sealed with mineral oil. Notice how they take on a darker, black appearance.

Mountain Green Soapstone 4-wlogo



Here’s another picture of a soapstone kitchen right after the material was sealed with mineral oil.

Soapstone 3_wlogo



Here’s a small soapstone top with a slide-in range. It looks nice look with the stainless steel appliances.

soapstone 002_wlogo



Here’s a soapstone top with a chiseled edge, which adds to the rustic appeal.

soapstone 2_wlogo



Here’s a soapstone top with apron front sink.

If you are doing some remodeling that includes adding some new countertops, make sure you stop by our showroom today. We would be happy to show you soapstone, as well as our other natural stones and “quartz” products.

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Add A Stone Flat Bottom Sink To Your Kitchen For A Unique Look…

Flat bottom sinks provide a nice look and come in a variety of models and styles that can be purchased from various manufacturers, supply houses, retail stores, or some stone fabricators. They offer a unique look, that has become popular over the last several years. In our showroom, we do get requests, from time to time, to make flat bottom sinks. Often the request comes from a consumer, who likes a
continuous look. By adding a flat-bottom sink, the pattern of the stone, and flow is extended through the countertops into the sink, and back up to the countertops, providing a balanced, uninterrupted look.

Soapstone sinks_041007 006

Soapstone Flat-bottom Sink

If you are interested in a granite flat-bottom sink, we would fabricate individual pieces, based on your specifications, which would be verified at the time of measure. The pieces would then be assembled in our shop, where they would be glued and clamped together to dry. The final sink install takes place when we install your countertops.

Keep in mind, that while flat-bottom sinks offer a unique look, they do not drain as well as some other sink syles. If you go with a flat-bottom sink, make sure you purchase a faucet with a good sprayer, such as this Delta Leland model, (9178-AR DST), as it will help drain excess debris.


Delta Leland model (9178-AR DST)

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Add a Sophisticated Look To Your Kitchen With Soapstone…

In this blog, I wanted to take a look at a kitchen we recently fabricated and installed in the material, soapstone.

Let’s take a look…



Soapstone is one of those materials that has really become a popular choice for countertops, over the years.  It is a relatively soft material that is composed of the mineral, magnesium and the mineral talc. It feels soft to the touch in comparison to some other natural stones and can have a soapy feel to it. This material is sealed with mineral oil, which gives it a shiny look, but does wear off over time, so it should be re-applied frequently.

If you like the look of this material, or want to view other product selections, make sure you stop by our showroom for a closer look. We are always happy to work with you.

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Add A Rustic Appeal With Some Green Iron Leathered Soapstone!

In this blog, I wanted to share a few pictures of a project we did using some Green Ironed Leathered Soapstone. This material is pretty neat looking! Soapstone, in general, has more of a “rustic” look than many other materials, but this variety has a look all of it’s own. The leathered finish also gives the material a unique feel to the touch and enhances the look of the stone.

Let’s take a look at the photos of the project:

Heit_Mudroom_Green Iron Soapstone_wlogo

Green Iron Leathered Soapstone

I really like this laundry top. Notice the rust colored veining in the stone and how it compliments the overall look of the top and the cabinets.

Heit_Main Bath_Green Iron Soapstone_wlogo

Green Iron Leathered Soapstone

I really like the veining in this vanity top. The colors of the vanity also compliment the flooring.

If you are looking for a rustic look, or something unique to the touch, you might want to check out this material. Stop by and visit our showroom today.

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