“Quartz” Countertops – What do we have to offer?

Over the years we have posted several blogs on “quartz” (engineered stone) countertops and I will offer a few links within this blog that may be beneficial to you as you decide what is best stone option for you in your home…but my goal within this blog is to let you know which lines of “quartz” we offer. The different lines are essentially manufactured the same but each offer unique color palettes. Click on the links to check out which each one has to offer.

Caesarstone                                                      ColorQuartz

Dekton                                                               Difiniti

Diresco                                                               DuPont Zodiaq

Hanstone                                                           Silestone

Viatera                                                               Vicostone

If you are deciding whether granite, quartzite, marble, or “quartz” is best for your home and family, here are a few links that may help you decide.

Granite or Quartz: Which is the Best Choice for you?

Care and Maintenance for Marble Countertops

Quartz Options for a Marble Look…

Marble Countertop Alternatives

We would love to help you weigh your options when it comes to new kitchen, bathroom, bar, or laundry tops in your home. Get a free quote here or stop by or call our showroom to discuss your project with one our skilled sales people!

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Make Your Kitchen The Heart Of The Home With A New Countertop…

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is hard not to think of love, hearts, and gifts for your loved one.

Valentine hearts

Why not show your sweetheart how much you love them with a new countertop? After all the kitchen is the heart of the home and I can’t think of a better way to to enhance it than adding a beautiful countertop to enjoy all year long.


McGowan Design Build Inc.
Greer Photo–Jill Greer

Choose from our Group A, B, C, Exclusive granite colors and more. If you like the trending white and gray tones, we have a bunch to choose from. In fact, if you are looking for a more affordable option, we have 5 to choose from in our Group A colors including:

  1. Caledonia
  2. Dallas White
    Dallas White_close up
  3. Glacier White
    Glacier White_close up
  4. White Pearl
    White pearl 2
  5. White Storm
    White Stomr_close up_IMG_3367

We also have quite a few other white options in our stock, as well.

If you are looking for something unique, we’ve got that too. How about this gem?


Vintage Granite

I just love the large areas of quartz in this stone.

Or… if you are looking for an actual gemstone, we can get that too!



This is some pretty neat looking stuff!

We have hundreds of different granite colors to choose from, as well as carry a variety of other natural stones.

If you prefer a “quartz” countertop, we can help you with that too. We carry Silestone, Caesarstone, Hanstone, Difiniti,  Dupont Zodiaq, Color Quartz, Viaterra, and more.

Make sure you stop by our showroom to take a look at all of our product selections. Our Customer Service team is ready to work with you and your sweetheart.

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Why Put Off Tomorrow What You Can Do Today?

We’ve all heard the saying, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today,” but how many of you really live by it? My guess is that while we all may have good intentions, we are all prone to procrastination at times… some more than others. Why, you may ask, is that? We are all complex human beings. Often times, our daily activities can seem overwhelming and get in the way of what we truly would like to accomplish. When this happens, our feelings often take over and can stop us from doing what we truly desire. So how can get around this? The answer is actually pretty simple…take one step at a time.

In fact, Brian Tracy, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, & Entrepreneur explains the concept with a metaphor. He asks, “‘How do you eat an elelphant?’ The answer is, ‘one bite at a time.’ This can be applied to any goal. You accomplish it one step, one task, one measure at a time. He also talks about eating your frog, which is about tackling your most important, daunting tasks, and getting them done. Brian’s main point is that you eat your most ugliest frog first, the next ugliest, and so on, until all your frogs are done. When you ‘eat your frog,’ you feel empowered, happier, energized and are more productive.”¹ Robert Emmons, in his book, Thanks, tells us “to go through the motions and do it now, and the feeling will come.” ² Have you ever felt overwhelmed by doing a task, but went ahead with it anyway and then felt a sense of relief after, even if you didn’t complete it? Brian Tracy explains this as “‘Slice and Dice.’ You can cut a big task down to size with the ‘Salami slice’ method. Basically you lay out the task in detail and resolve to just one slice of the job for the time being.”³

So what have you been putting off that you want to get done and what are you doing about it?

If the answer is remodeling, spring is the perfect time to get going on it!

When it comes to countertops for your project, we can help. We have hundreds of slabs to choose from. We carry a variety of natural material options including: granite, marble, soapstone, slate, quartzite, limestone, onyx and travertine. We also carry a variety of “quartz” products including: Silestone, Ceasarstone, Hanstone, Difiniti, Dupont Zodiaq, and Color Quartz. Make sure you stop by our showroom to view our full slabs.

slab yard

Keep in mind, that we also have hundreds of partial slabs to choose from for those smaller projects, such as bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, bar tops, etc.

slab yard 2

Why not take that first step? Stop by today!

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¹Tracy, Brian. Eat That Frog. A book Summary. http://www.super-super.com/hpe152/page11/page16/page17/files/frog2P.pdf

Brian Johnson’s Philosophers Notes—Thanks. http://www.entheos.com/philosophersnotes/notes/all/Thanks, pg. 5

²Tracy, Brian. Slice and Dice The Task. http://www.briantracy.com/blog/leadership-success/slice-and-dice-the-task/



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When Are Remnants Or Partial Slabs A Good Choice For The Consumer?

When it comes to granite and other natural stones, there are a lot of color options. While it is understandable, if you are doing some remodeling, making a color selection is important and a fun part of the whole process, but there are many choices these days, and people don’t always know where to look. Many consumers get excited and are anxious to visit with a local supplier to make their selections. Depending on the size of the project however, this may not always be the best option. If your project is smaller, perhaps a bathroom remodel including a vanity top, or a bar addition which includes adding a smaller bar top, you may want to look at some remnants or partial slabs at a fabricator versus looking at full slabs at a supplier, to save yourself some time and money.


Ouro Fantastico Granite Vanity


Verde Australia Granite Bar Top

You might be asking, so what exactly is a remnant or partial slab? It is actually the left over material from a full a slab, after a job is cut. Our projects are typically priced so the consumer only pays for the square footage that  is needed for their job, so we often end up with a variety of left over material, which works great for other smaller projects such as bathroom vanities, granite fireplace surrounds, granite bar tops, etc.

If you have a smaller remodeling project that includes adding a countertop, make sure you stop by and take a look at our selections. We have a large variety to choose from. Make sure you check out our Partial Slab/Remnant Inventory Reduction Sale going on November and December.

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Add A Neutral Tone Countertop To Lift The Spirit…

While the color, white, seems to be a popular choice for countertops by consumers these days, other neutral colors have also become popular for countertops, as well as for other decorating. Benjamin Moore, in fact, has created a neutral palette of colors based on colors that they have seen popping up in the home furnishings industry, such as carpet, wallpaper, etc. Their new palette consists of 23  harmonic colors that work well together for decorating. According to the article, The New Neutral Palette, found on their website, there’s been “a shift away from gray to tints of blues, greens, lavenders and pinks.” Pastels have been popping up that are softened and filtered, that help to lift the spirit and give a room a happy feeling.

Indian Pearl Hanstone

Indian Pearl Hanstone

If you are doing a little remodeling and are looking for countertops, we have plenty of neutral colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for a natural stone, or a “quartz” product, there are lots of options for cooler, subdued tones that allow your accents to make a statement.

Make sure you stop by our showroom today. We are always happy to help you with your product and color selections, whether you are attracted to neutral colors, or bold.

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