Granite Countertops—Spotlight On Edge Polish

Recently a customer chose a dark black granite color for their kitchen countertops and wanted to know why the polish on the edge detail appeared some-what duller than the surface of their countertop. Well that is a good question and here is the long and short of it…

Granite fabricators purchase and receive polished stone slabs from various suppliers, or quarriers. Rigorous steps and procedures are taken to procure blocks of granite from the earth by quarriers, where they are then sliced/cut into slabs by large saws. Once the blocks are cut into slabs, they go through a polishing process. Slabs are loaded onto large polishing machines where diamond polishing pads move over the face to polish the entire slab.

When it comes time to fabricate the pieces for your granite countertop, the fabricator custom-cuts the slab to your specifications and then polishes the edges. Most fabricators use straight-line polishing machines, cnc mills, and various hand tools to polish the edges of the stone. Since this equipment is much smaller and contains smaller diamond pads, it is impossible to match the polishing quality obtained from the much larger polishing machines used by factory quarriers for the face of the slab.

The difference in the quality of the polish from the top to the edge is not visibly noticeable in most granite color selections. The difference may be more noticeable in a few black, or darker colors, but it is rare that a consumer would even notice the difference.

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Home Approved Stone Program Developed By MIA Coming Soon!


According to MIA President, Guido Gliori, “The lack of universal standards enabled some organizations with questionable motives to promote the results of research based on testing that was at best inconsistent, and at worst, completely flawed.” Those days however, are thankfully over. To date, no credible research has ever found a single granite slab that posed a health risk.

The Home Approved Stone program, will reassure consumers that the granite countertops they buy do not pose a health risk. Testing protocols for the program were developed by independent scientists and researchers after the most comprehensive study done recently. Details of the program are still being finalized, but granite slabs bearing the new Home Approved Stone logo should start appearing in supplier and fabricator showrooms over the next several months.

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Recipe: Crock-pot Poor Boys

I received this recipe from a friend of mine a couple of years ago. It is easy, delicious, and always a crowd pleaser!


2-3 lb beef roast (round cut) – can be frozen or thawed
2 cans french onion soup
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. fennel seeds
2 tsp. Italian seasoning
salt & pepper to taste

Place all ingredients into a greased crock-pot, put on low for 8 – 10 hours. One hour before serving shred beef with two forks. Let simmer for the last hour. Serve on toasted hoagie buns.

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Be Careful Of What You Say…

body + soul

We’re all guilty of using negative words from time to time. Being conscious of what you say however, can help change your life. According to, “Don’t Say It,” an article found in the January/February 2008 issue of Body +Soul magazine, if you “swap out low-energy, negative-sounding words, (never, nobody, bad, guilt) for positive, uplifiting ones (can, good, will, love), you’ll be well on your way to a happier life.” While this may be easier said than done, with a little mindful practice, you should begin to notice a shift in your outlook.

Following are a few words to leave out of your vocabulary according to the article:

What other words can you think of to leave out of your vocabulary? I know I can think of a few.

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Beating the Winter Blues

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for SPRING!! Between the snow, icy roads, and lack of daylight, this winter seems to be much longer than recent winters…and I keep asking myself, when will be it over?

In an effort to try and beat the blues, I decided to do a little online research for some helpful tips on beating the doldrums. I came across an article by Petrene Soames, titled Top Ten Tips To Beat The Winter Blues. In the article, Soames points out ten simple tips that can be applied in everyday life including:

1. Wear layers of clothes rather than heavy pieces, this will avoid the feeling of being weighed down.
2. Take up a winter sport or activity, just make sure to dress appropriately to conserve body heat.
3. Take up a new hobby that will occupy free time.
4. Wear bright colors, this will lift not only your spirits, but those around you!
5. Bring fresh flowers into your home or paint a room a bright color.
6. Imagine what color you need more of in your life and breathe it in, close your eyes and imagine floating on a cloud of that color (ok, this one might be a bit of a far stretch!).
7. Take in as much sun as possible.
8. Feed yourself a diet of positive news and thoughts. Skip the evening news, horror or sad movies, or watching violence.
9. Use positive affirmations to stay balanced.
10. Say no to colds, flu, and other winter illnesses. Keep a positive spirit and positive thoughts to ward of these illnesses.

Hopefully you can utilize some of these tips to get you through the next few months, I know I will.

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