Slow Down And Keep It Simple!

It’s that time of year again, the holidays, where hustle and bustle has become the norm. I’ve always been one of those people who tries to get things done early, (the decorating, the shopping, the cards and the baking), so I can supposedly relax and enjoy them as the time draws closer.

I usually try and put a big dent in my tasks over Thanksgiving weekend, but this year, so far, has been a little different. Thanksgiving weekend was filled with lots of family and other plans, and by Sunday I just needed a little recovery. By Sunday evening I was feeling a little guilty about it all and decided I at least had to start my Christmas letter. I wrote a bit and then thought…”What is the rush anyway?” I have a whole month to get everything done. Why not this year try and relax and be present in the moment enjoying the decorating, the shopping, etc., instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all. Who needs all of the hustle and bustle anyway? Most people get enough of it in their day to day life.

Why not this year, try and simplify the holidays all around. I recently read, All Wrapped Up, an article in Body + Soul magazine, by Cheryl Richardson, that talked about how the best gifts come from the heart. “Too often, time constraints and financial limitations completely overshadow the magic of searching for a present that reflects the essence of a loved one. To get a handle on your holidays, consider creatively recasting the way you swap presents with friends and family, vowing to give only homemade gifts, for instance, or pooling resources to make a donation to a mutually agreed upon cause.” Listed below are some other ideas and suggestions from the article.

Ideas that make things less costly and emotionally stressful:

  • Spend Only $4.98: Each person can spend exactly $4.98 on a gift—no more, no less. You can buy just 1 thing, or several, as long as together they total the designated amount. Give it a try, or come up with some other agreed upon amount. You’ll have fun and won’t break the bank.
  • Make A Wish Jar: Purchase a ceramic, or glass jar and write, with the word, “Ambitions” on it. Next come up with 50 dreams, or goals you’ve heard a loved one talk about over the years and write them down on 50 little folded pieces of paper to include in the jar. This gift will not only express your thoughtfulness, but show how much you care and your effort put forth.
  • Write A Love Letter: What a meaningful way to express how much you care about a person, something a gift alone could never express.
  • Give Yourself: Offer to help someone out with a task, or help them out with something you are skilled at.
  • Create A Book: Create a journal of special memories with photos, drawings, quotes, writings, etc.

Last night, I decorated the Christmas tree that Chris and our youngest daughter picked out the night before. My family was busy and our oldest daughter is away at college, so I thought I’d decorate it myself to make our house festive. I have to admit, I’ve never decorated alone before, but I actually enjoyed it! I put on some Christmas music, poured a glass of wine and got in the spirit of things. I think I could actually get use to this, “Enjoying The Present Moment Thing!”

Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!


Following is a photo of this years Christmas tree:


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Granite Color Choices A Plenty!

I remember the first several of years of PGC. There were only a handul or so of granite fabricators, and a minimal amount of granite color choices available, at least compared to now. Times sure have changed. Today’s granite market offers hundreds of color options for the consumer for granite countertops, granite islands, granite bar tops, granite fireplaces, etc.

So what is the reason for this explosion in color options you may ask? Well there are actually a number of factors that have come into play over the years. In “Granite doesn’t just come in black anymore,” an article found in the Detroit News, author, Barbara Kopitz, interviewed John Moran of the Marble and Granite Gallery for some answers. He said, “There’s been an improvement in technology, which allows the quarries to process materials that in the past were passed over either because they weren’t considered durable enough or the colors weren’t good. Now they’ve gone back to these older quarries. The new process that is used is called advance vacuuming processing. They actually put the material in a vacuum and force resin into the slab. The resin bonds with the stone, thus enhancing the color and making it more durable.” There is also a whole lot more importing going on. Many granites are quarried and then imported from countries such as Brazil, China, Italy, India, Africa, Norway, Argentina, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and others.

If you’re looking for a unique material for your kitchen, or home, with beauty that will last a life time, granite is the natural choice with plenty of color options!

Thanks for reading!



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Happy Thanksgiving!

In 1621 the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Plymouth, MA. That event in Thanksgivinghistory was the beginning of an American tradition, which kicks off the holiday season. That’s right, I said holiday season! It seems like just yesterday I was preparing for the long 4th of July weekend. Well, now it is time to prepare the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie!

Oh, and don’t forget the “Black Friday” shopping event that will take place the following day! An event kicking off the Christmas mayhem.

In the hustle and bustle of it all, don’t forget the true meaning of the holidays. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the gifts in your life and the blessings around Gordsyou. Take full advantage of the time spent with your family and loved ones this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe and blessed holiday!

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Try Something New And Grow Your Mind!

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who likes to learn new things and experience things that are out of the everyday norm. This desire for learning is  instinctual and the process of learning new things actually promotes brain growth, no matter how old you are, according to, “Miracle-Gro For Your Mind,” an article found in the December 2007 of Prevention magazine.

“What’s really exciting is that new experiences needn’t be dramatic or life changing to have positive effects.” Just making simple changes in an everyday routine can benefit and expand your mind.

Following are some easy ways to change routine habits to benefit your mind according to the article:

  • Brush your teeth using the opposite hand you normally use.
  • Walk or bike your usual route in the opposite direction.
  • Trade your favorite game such as a crossword puzzle for another one, such as Sudoku, to change things up.
  • Eat at an ethnic restaurant to take in some new tastes, instead of eating from a standard American menu.
  • Rearrange your furniture.
  • Plan to visit a new place.
  • Shop at a different grocery store than the one you always go to.

Thanks for reading!



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10 Years of Dedication and Loyalty

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Troy Godeman, our lead installer, on 10 years of dedication and loyalty to PGC. Troy has been an important part of the PGC team, both out in the field as our lead installer, as well as a skilled fabricator in our shop area.

The entire PGC team was present, while we celebrated the milestone last week.  Following are some photos from the event we wanted to share:

Troy getting into the PGC install truck.

Troy receiving his employee recognition granite plaque.


Troy holding his celebration cake.

Thanks for reading!



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